5 Ways to Develop An Authentic Blog

image If you are like me, authenticity is important.  The journey to growing an authentic blog means that you may not have the most well-known blog or the trending blog of the moment, but it will pay off in the long run.  Authentic bloggers stay true to themselves (even if people don’t agree) and focus on the needs of their core audience.  There are many things that you can do to grow your blog.  As I’ve stated before, when I begin blogging I  danced to the same song as everyone else (think of a Beyonce tune), but there comes a time when that gets old and boring.  More importantly, I realized that it was important for me to build a connection with the people who actually take the time to read my blog.  An authentic blog is one in which I am staying true to my purpose and identity.

There are so many blogs and quite honestly they are all starting to look the same.  You can choose to do anything to gain attention for your blog, or you can take a step back and build a blog that has meaning and purpose.  I am always taking time to reflect on my blog.  As I type this post, I am already in the process of rebranding my blog.  Why, you may ask?  Mostly, its because I want to reach my full potential.  I want to do more than just post outfits and take pictures.   Don’t get me wrong, I love doing those things, but I want to connect with my tribe in a more authentic way.

Here are 5 strategies that I am using to grow an authentic blog:

1)    Have an opinion!  You definitely don’t want to intentionally insult anyone, or come off as angry or bitter, but self-expression is important.  If you are afraid to share some of your thoughts and ideas on your blog in a real way, there is no way that you can be authentic.  You have to take risks, and let people decide if you are someone that they like or not.  Everyone is not meant to follow your blog.  It is important to target the demographic that matches your platform.

2)   Be Unique.  The blogging market is very saturated, and I recently read a great article on “How To Make Your Blog Stand Out In A Competitive Niche.”    This article talked about how important it is to “be uniquely you.”  Even if there are a million blogs that have the same niche, no one can do what you do!  The best thing that you can do is be yourself because that is really easy.  I really can’t remember if I started my blog or my YouTube channel first, but I know that I need both like the air that I breathe.  I love to record videos and my style lookbooks, but I also enjoy writing from time to time.  Many people would think it is crazy trying to maintain a YouTube channel and blog at the same time, but it is something that I wanted to do, so I did it.  It’s so important to keep expanding and try new ventures.

3)    Step Away!  It is so important to step away from reading blogs and social media at times.  I find it to be very overwhelming at times myself.  It may appear to be an oxymoron to step away from the Internet when you are a blogger, but it is necessary to remain authentic because your mind will become clouded with all of the images and thoughts that you see and read on a daily basis.  When you bombard yourself with too much information from the Internet, it can be hard to decipher what makes your blog different from others.  You need time to decompress.

4) Write.  Take some time to write down your ideas, thoughts, and feelings.  This is helping me so much.  I am able to meditate and reflect on my life and the goals that I have for my blog.  It is important to write down all of the things that come to your mind because you never know when an idea for a great post or series may come to you.

5)  Be consistent across all of your platforms.  You really need to be the same person on your social media platforms, blog, and other forms of media.  People will be able to see clearly who you are and what you represent when you stay consistent with your messages and themes.  Stay true to your personality, and don’t ever try to pretend to be something that you are not.

Question: How important is authenticity to you?  How do you keep your blog authentic?

  • http://www.KurvyKatie.com Kurvy Katie

    I feel like a weird blogger b/c I dont like taking pictursles and I don’t doni a lot. I love finding and doing look for less post. I sticking to that niche b/c I’m super good at it. I’ve been told by other bloggers I’m not going to go anywhere with that but my readers like it and that what matters to me.

    • http://thenaturalfashionista.com/ NaturallyFashionable

      Yes girl! That is the most important thing!

      • http://www.KurvyKatie.com Kurvy Katie

        These blogging 101 tho. So freaking awesome that you do this.

  • Nijah

    I’m new to this but I write when I feel inspired, not for the sake of just rambling on. My goal and purpose is to inspire women and I believe that as long as I stay true to who I am and my beliefs, that the people who I need to connect will find me.

    • http://thenaturalfashionista.com/ NaturallyFashionable

      Yes you will!

  • Sabina Mohan

    authenticity is very important to me as well as branding. I’m glad you mention that in your blog post because too many opinions can cloud not only your judgement, but suppress who you really are

    • http://thenaturalfashionista.com/ NaturallyFashionable


  • http://Chroniclesofglam.com chroniclesofglam

    Hi, I adore what you are doing. I am started to blog now as well. Recently I have had someone to create a website for me in which I am not that much in love with because my vision did not come together the way I thought it would. But I paid the person. So now I have someone else in mind that is willing to do it the proper way that I would like to do it? Would you suggest that I wait a while or pay the additional monies to get what I really want? If you have some time maybe you can stop by and tell me what you think. It would be greatly appreciated… chroniclesofglam.com

    • http://thenaturalfashionista.com/ NaturallyFashionable

      It is really all about priorities. I think design is important, but if there are specific goals that you have for your blog that need to have first priority, worry about those things first. You can always go back and change the look of your site. My site is still not 100% how I want it.

      • http://Chroniclesofglam.com chroniclesofglam

        Thank you so much for responding. I do feel as if presentation is everything. Because when I go to someone’s blog if it doesn’t look appealing or I am not knowing what is going on I am immediately not interested. I took your advice as well and ordered a tripod and the remote lol because my husband HATES the whole blog thing so he won’t do it. Do you have any suggestions as far as editing?

  • Alexandria H. Clark

    Hi!!!!! I recently relaunched my blog http://www.UrbanNative.net I keep my blog authentic by writing/blogging about my passion, which is giving people a voice that don’t have one or to do a profile on a person that’s making a difference, an activist, or unrecognized entrepreneurs. Reaching out to the urban culture and the hearts that make the neighborhoods beat excite me! It may not always be as “popular” as blogging about reality shows, hair, or makeup, but it something that’s very important to me; to give a platform to people who are underground but shouldn’t be! This topic fuels me, which makes it so easy to write/blog because I get the honor of telling someone’s story and meeting that person.