How To Start A Blog



There are many ways to start a blog and the process can be frustrating and tedious, but I am here to break down a few ways that you can easily start your first blog.

1. Hire Someone  - I hired a friend to handle the whole process of moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress, and I have to say it was a good decision for me.  You can hire a freelancer that specializes in web design on Elance or Odesk (the cost of hiring a freelancer will vary based on experience).  You search for qualified applicants to set up your blog and hire them to complete the entire process.

2. Do It Yourself – If you have time to learn the process and are slightly tech savvy, do it yourself.  Overall, the process is relatively simple.  Two of the most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

WordPress - There are major differences between and, but the main reason that I would suggest the self-hosted over the free is the advertising differences. will allow you to use affiliate links, but do not allow banner image ads or third-party advertising like Google Adsense.

Check out this great infographic that gives a detailed explanation of the differences between the two sites.

Steps To Starting A Blog On WordPress

There are five steps to starting a blog on

  • Find a host site. This is the server that your blog will operate on.  A lot of the blogging experts recommend Blue Host because their customer service and technical support is available 24 hours a day.  You will need a credit card to sign up for this service.
  • Sign up for an account on Blue Host
  • Select a domain name for your website (your web address)
  • Install your WordPress blog
  • Select a theme design for your blog (the WordPress theme directory offers a variety of free themes that you can use for your blog)

Here is a great video that uses screenshots to explain the entire process of starting a blog on WordPress.

Blogger - I started out with blogger four years ago, and I really enjoyed it for the following reasons:

  • It is very easy to set up a blog and start posting
  • It is free unless you want to remove the blogspot at the end of your web address (for example, when I first started my blog the web address was but I wanted a more professional web address, so I purchased the domain name
  • Very simple design templates that you can automatically install on your website
  • You can use banner image ads and third-party advertising networks like Google Adsense

Here is a video tutorial on how to start a blog with Blogger.  You may also find this screenshot tutorial useful.

The reasons that I decided to leave blogger and go to is because I wanted more flexibility with my site design, the option to use great plugins, and I wanted ownership of my site.  Blogger is an amazing platform if you are just starting out and want to start blogging immediately.  Ultimately you are going to have to decide which blogging platform will work for you based on the goals that you have set for your blog.  I hope you find this post helpful in starting your first blog.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • Rachelle

    I just started my blog and posted for the first time 2 days ago. I decided to stop being fearful and exercise my faith. I hope to educate and empower women everywhere by sharing my experiences at I have to say, figuring out WordPress has been a challenge! A sista was feeling depleted and defeated lol! I read several informative articles as well as watched some tutorials online. As challenging as its been, I have a story to tell and technology will not stand in the way of that.