Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight|Carol from “Evolve Your Image”


Every week I will be featuring a blogger from my Blogging Bootcamp Course!  I am so excited to showcase some of these amazing women who are on the rise.  Today, let’s meet Carol, a certified image consultant and jewelry stylist from the blog Evolve Your Image.  Carol’s blog features fabulous fashion for all, but especially for women who are age 40 and up!

On her blog niche:

“My goal for my blog is to provide knowledge, insight, support, and inspiration to women 40 and up who have let life, kids, menopause, and other obstacles take over their life.  I want to help women recapture and claim their authentic style and fall in love with who they are.”

On her blog mantra:

“Evolving Your Image is about evolving the image you have of yourself into one that authentically and lovingly represents you.”

I absolutely love the concept and message of Carol’s blog so make sure that you check her out over on Evolve Your Image. Stay tuned for next week’s Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight!  I have just opened up another class for Blogging Bootcamp, which was created to give bloggers some of the tools that are needed to run a better, more successful, and creative blog in the beginning stages.  Sign up HERE if you’re ready to build a better blog!


  • Carol Parker Walsh

    Thanks for the shout out! LOVING the course and learning so much!! Thanks Kim!! Shout out to @beautybymeghan for her make-up and @lydenerobertson for the photos!!

  • Carla

    I love her mantra of falling in love with yourself. Just beautiful.